February 2017 Aviator Inventory Survey


What Is the Aviator Inventory Survey?

The Aviator Inventory Survey (AIS) is a twice-yearly sampling of over 200,000 licensed pilots in the United States. Developed by Flightpath Economics to inform the US aviation industry, the survey data contain a wealth of current and vital information to help airlines recruit and retain professional pilots.

What Information Does the Survey Track?

  • Identifies and profiles commercial pilots accumulating time in revenue operations
  • Measures the availability and employment interest of pilots not commercially active
  • Profiles pilot inventory based on background, experience, and career motivation
  • Measures the risk of near-term attrition by pilot
  • Evaluates the importance of compensation and lifestyle factors in career progression
  • Locates and identifies pilots likely to fit your operational needs

How Will the Survey Help You?

  • Ensure the staffing of your flight operation amid increasing competition for pilots
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring new-hire pilots
  • Narrow-cast to potential new-hires on social media and through other outlets
  • Reduce new-hire training absences and optimize simulator time
  • Hire the right pilots with the right background and skills for your operation
  • Focus your recruiting efforts on pilots willing to accept your compensation and contract
  • Identify and track potential new-hire pilots before they earn an ATP

Flightpath Economics LLC is dedicated to solving the pilot supply crisis in the United States. The Aviator Inventory Survey (AIS) results are available exclusively to our partners on a fee-for- service basis. To learn more, please contact:

Matt Barton