Pilot Supply Barometer

What Is the Pilot Supply Barometer?

The Pilot Supply Barometer (PSB) is a recurring, systematic assessment of the demand for pilots at US air carriers.  The Barometer tracks hiring demand and operational limitations imposed by staffing limitations, and is based on survey data provided by participating air carriers.  It is the only industry-wide monitor of this information, and covers an entire range of pilot employers in the United States, including large network airlines, regional airlines, LCCs, cargo carriers, and many others.  

What Information Does the Survey Track?

  • Near and medium-term hiring demand
  • Availability of pilots on the open market
  • Attrition levels
  • Wage pressure
  • Operational constraints imposed by staffing limitations
  • Applicant quality
  • Projected recruiting resources

How Will the Pilot Supply Barometer Help You?

  • Provides air carriers with a way to easily measure, track, and understand the evolving supply and demand for professional pilots
  • Allows participating air carriers to gauge overall industry demand for pilots now and in the future
  • Allows air carriers to collectively track the status of the pilot shortage without disclosing commercially-sensitive information
  • Participation is “opt in” – results distributed exclusively to participating carriers
  • Individual responses are masked – participants contribute information anonymously

What Does It Cost to Participate?

  • Nothing – the Pilot Supply Barometer is designed as a free tool to participating air carriers
  • Participation is “opt in” and only costs participating carriers a few minutes to complete the survey

Flightpath Economics LLC is dedicated to solving the pilot supply crisis in the United States.  The Pilot Supply Barometer (PSB) results are available exclusively to participating air carriers.